Ask The Eye Good Morning And Good Luck On Your Internship Here

Dear Eye View

A few months ago at work a young, handsome intern started talking to me. He was flirtatious and would act thrilled to see me. He would do this when other people were around, even other supervisors. I admit that I was flattered, but I’m a divorced woman 20 years his senior and in a relationship, so I didn’t take it seriously. All I did to respond to him was smile and exchange small talk. I recently found out that he isn’t flirting, he is making a joke of me. I was told by a friend that he was talking about me at an event in front of other employees, including a supervisor, and they were all having a laugh at my expense. This also explains the times when I would walk into the cafeteria and this intern and some co-workers would start smirking at me and cracking up. I am a bit overweight and not all that attractive, so perhaps this makes me a good target. He’s continuing his overtures and I simply respond “Hello” with a flat smile and go on my way. My friend told me to beware because she was afraid that this young man might get me into trouble. I am concerned that he could file a complaint against me and I don’t know what to do. How should I handle this situation?

Not a Sexual Harasser

Dear Not

I understand your concern. He seems to get off on his little game of false flattery.  Two can play that game. Hope this helps.




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