Ask The Eye, Wedding Hangover, Often The Money Shot Provides That Keepsake Moment

Dear Eye View

At our wedding, many of our relatives and friends opted to give us cash gifts. The problem is that my brother stole most of the money at the wedding. The police are involved and we have painfully discovered he has debts and a gambling problem. Although we are no longer speaking, I still love my brother and I don’t wish to advertise his personal demons to everybody else. But I find myself completely stuck when it comes to writing thank you notes. I am pretty certain some of our guests gave very generously, warranting more than a generic “Thank you for your presence and your present”—but I have no way of finding out who and how much. I really want to do the right thing and express my gratitude, but how without knowing what everyone gave us?


Dear Sad

I understand your concern. Sometimes weddings bring out the worst in people. Have you considered checking  your wedding photos? They can help capture that keepsake moment.Then delete them.

Hope this helps.



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