Zuckerberg To Host Hackathon With Illegals, Looking To Build More Sweet Skills

Mark Zuckerberg immigration advocacy group Fwd.us is planning to hold a hackathon next month for young undocumented immigrants as it tries to refocus attention on immigration reform.

Famous coders including the Facebook chief executive and Dropbox’s Drew Houston will team with those who came to the U.S. as children, often referred to as “Dreamers,” to build tools and skills  that address “the problems within our immigration system,” according to Fwd.us President Joe Green. Fwd.us will then work with the teams to get the projects up and running.”There’s been a lot of delay and too little action coming from Washington this month. We hope that momentum coming from our hackathon — and the technology it creates — can help move immigration reform forward,” Green said.

Country undergoes Napoleon Dynamite moment.  MoveOn.Org to be pushed by Fwd.us, as computer hacking skills replace nunchuck skills and all their wildest dreams will come true.





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