Young Adults The Key To Obamacare Success, Expect Fast And Seemless Delivery

A mixture of poor website design and overloaded servers has led to what you might call around-the-clock glitches since the Oct. 1 kickoff. With no concrete enrollment figures from HHS and no end in sight for the glitches, Consumers and investors in Obamacare-related companies are beginning to question when it’ll all end. Furthermore, Aetna’s CEO offered plenty of skepticism as to whether enough young adults would sign up to help offset the costs of enrolling older adults with more health problems. If that doesn’t happen, Obamacare wouldn’t be a profitable venture for insurers, and premiums would inevitably move much higher.

Bertolini also alluded  that younger adults have grown up in an era in which they’re accustomed to technology. If the system doesn’t work the first time they try it, those young adults may be less willing to give it a second chance. With that population being the key to success for Obamacare, this clearly isn’t a good sign to this major health insurance CEO.

Young adults having grown up with technology expect fast and seemless delivery.


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