Obamacare Paperwork Fewer Papers More Fine Print, Undergoes Slimming Magic

The Obama Administration announced  that it had shortened the much maligned application form for the health insurance exchanges. But critics point out that to cut the original 21-page paper application to three pages for individuals and seven pages for families, the administration used a few subtle tricks straight out of the college student playbook. But anyone who’s ever had to write a term paper knows that sometimes the easiest way to deliver the required number of pages is to simply adjust the font size, margins and line spacing—and that’s basically what the administration did to make the document appear shorter.Obamcare application form appears less complicated through slimming magic.

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One Response to “Obamacare Paperwork Fewer Papers More Fine Print, Undergoes Slimming Magic”

  1. Bob Moody Says:

    Welcome back mr. Eyeview. Missed ya

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