Hip Hop Community Makes Call On Football On Your Phone, Sports Illustrated On The Clock

Peyton Manning and his brother/quarterback of The New York Football Giants Eli Manning made a catchy “rap” song to promote Direct TV’s NFL streaming package (streaming package. Lawd.) Of course the internet’s loins went all aflame due to the comedy that comes from these two southern gents (read: white people) getting dressed up in their 80′s “rapper clothes” sporting funky wigs and spitting hot fire. While I can appreciate the catchy-ness of the song–unfortunately I’ve had to listen to it several times to write this and it will be stuck in my head all day–let’s dissect this a little and get to the root of what it’s really about.

Clearly, this was not made by anyone in the urban demographic (read: black people) because they would not write this kind of fvxery for the 8.85% –though I’m sure there was a “music director” who was like “yo, I got beats son.” This was probably written by the Lonely Island dudes, who I abhor. It is a mockery of hip-hop, totally irreverent. But is this really rap? Or just a caricature used to promote a product sold by rich people (read: white people) to the ever-willing masses. That includes me–and all of us who love to watch young men–who are by written contract property of the team “owners”–destroy each other every Sunday for our pleasure. Are you not entertained!? I can’t abide this shit.

Sports Illustrated on the clock to explain social transformation from phone in your football to football on your phone..


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