Shirley Jones Promotes Her New Memoirs To Beat The Band

Shirley Jones recently blew the lid on her innocent, motherly reputation in a risqué new memoir about her turbulent marriage to Jack Cassidy and their wild 1960s and ’70s sexcapades.”I am nowhere near as breezy and uncomplicated as Mrs. Partridge,” Jones wrote in the book.
In one anecdote, Jones said she and Cassidy went to Joan Collins’ house for dinner in the late 1960s, where Collins’ then-husband Tony Newley suggested they take off their clothes and watch porn together. “It was clear what Tony was leading up to — swinging,” Jones wrote, though she said she refused.The “Dynasty” star, now 80, is reportedly furious at the allegations that she was a swinger, and has sent Jones a cease-and-desist letter. Jones is standing by her story.
Shirley Jones promotes her new book to beat the band with strange good girl bad girl flip flop .

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