White House Defends Outsourcing On-line Health Care Exchanges To English Company Now Under Investigation

On Tuesday, the White House defended its decision to award a 12-year contract exceeding $1 billion to government services company Serco Inc. after learning that the contractor’s parent company is under review by Britain. The Obama administration announced earlier this month that the group will help implement the new online health insurance exchange in time for the looming October 1 deadline.The group was placed under review by Britain’s chief procurement officer after an audit revealed charges for services that the company does not provide.Although U.S contractors under foreign parent companies are required to notify the Defense Contract Audit Agency if the parent is being investigated, no such notice was given, according to the Obama administration.

WH outsources $1B contract overseeing US on -line health care exchanges to English company now being overseen..

Serco's headquarters in Truro, Cornwall.

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