Ask The Eye More Joys of Giving

Dear Eye View
My 8-year-old daughter recently had a friend over for a play date. The girls played in her room, and my daughter’s friend was playing with our doll house. My daughter told her she could have the doll house and all the furniture, etc. as she didn’t play with it anymore, and the friend looked thrilled. Happily I was nearby to defuse this, so I jumped in to say that no, she could not have the doll house, and that my daughter was not allowed to give away things without permission first. My daughter’s friend seemed fine, and I explained that this doll house was expensive, and that we were keeping it for younger siblings, and also for when cousins and friends visit. The girls moved on to play dress-up. However, about an hour after the friend went home, I got an irate email from her mother, who insists her daughter was “crushed” by my “miserly” attitude, and that I wasn’t teaching my daughter the “joys of giving.” She claims that my daughter’s mention of the gift was binding, and that we “owe” her the doll house. I fully intend to ignore this nut, but she is stirring up drama with our mutual acquaintances at the girls’ school. I hate to stoop to explain the craziness, as I feel it makes me look a bit loony, but at the same time, I don’t want this woman bad-mouthing me either. Any suggestions?


Dear A
I understand your concern.. Just tell the lady due to rising health care cost your daughter can’t afford to give away her doll house. Hope this helps..



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