Ask The Eye, Wedding Organ Recital

Dear Eye View, My husband’s sister has multiple health issues—some of her own making—and all of them exaggerated. She hijacks every conversation so that she can talk about herself and her health. Her problems include mental and emotional ones, too. Family members try to avoid her at gatherings but someone always has to listen to her “organ recital.” At a nephew’s college graduation party, this sister-in-law was giving her speech to a terminally ill man, who the hostess was finally able to rescue. There are two family weddings coming up this year, and we know my sister-in-law will recite her list of problems to whoever is unfortunate enough to sit near her. Is there a way to intervene without being impolite to either the SIL or her victim? She’s a gas bag..


Dear Concerned

I understand your concern. Its best to keep your SIL occupied to avoid bothering too many guests. A group of kind family members should  keep an eye out for the sister-in-law at the reception and intercept her when she’s gone on long enough with an innocent guest. Then during dinner several of you should take turns sitting next to sister-in-law for 15-minute intervals. Or when all else fails have her sit near the food table.

Hope this helps






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