Paula Deen Museum Showcasing Childhood Home

Celebrity chef Paul Deen’s admission last week that she had used racial epithets “a very long time ago” has turned into a nightmare public relations disaster for the 66-year-old. Following a bungled public apology, Deen received word that the Food Network would not be renewing her contract – a network where her Southern cooking had been a fixture for more than a decade. Now other companies — Smithfield Foods, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart among them — also announced that they weredropping Deen. Such an outpouring of support is one reason why officials for the new Paula Deen museum are still ploughing ahead with plans to open by the end of the year. The site, meant to showcase the chef’s life, love of community, and, of course, cooking, will encompass part of the childhood home where Deen grew up in Albany, Ga.

Paula Deen Museum will house works of art showcasing childhood home..



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