Clintons And State Department Unleash Special Forces To Fast Track Remains Of Gandolfini Back Home

James Gandolfini’s body may be repatriated back to the US as early as Monday. “On behalf of the Gandolfini family, I would like to thank the Italian authorities for all the assistance they have rendered in expediting the formalities necessary to repatriate James Gandolfini’s remains to the United States,” Gandolfini spokesman Michael Kobold said in a statement Sunday. “We would like to thank the United States government, especially Secretary Kerry and our friends at the State Department for helping us in this time of need. Our expressed thanks to the people at the Italy desk at the State Department for working day and night on our behalf. We thank President Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their kind support.

Clintons unbottle special forces  to fast track Gandolfini’s remains back to US. Bada Bing

Life Ball, Vienna, Austria - 25 May 2013

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