TMZ Reports James Gandolfini Suffered From Near Perfect Health

As suspected, James Gandolfini died of a heart attack. Autopsy results released Friday determined that the 51-year-old “Sopranos” star passed away on Wednesday as a result of natural causes after suffering cardiac arrest.

Despite the medical report findings that alcohol didn’t play a factor in Gandolfini’s death, a new report in New York Post claims the famed TV mobster had “at least eight alcoholic drinks” during what was his last meal at the hotel’s outdoor restaurant.

“Gandolfini guzzled four shots of rum, two pina coladas, and two beers at dinner with his son — while he chowed down on two orders of fried king prawns and a ‘large portion’ of foie gras,” a hotel source told the paper. However, his family members weren’t aware of any health problems — other than being overweight — that he suffered prior to his death, according to TMZ. While he had admitted to struggling with cocaine and alcohol in the past, “he was in near-perfect condition,” a family insider told the website.

TMZ reports that due to his near perfect health they are not sure if he died of natural causes before or after the massive heart attack..


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