Iphone Updates Now Allow Direct Access To Fearless Leader

AT&T has started pushing out a new update to customers with an iPhone  5/4S that will include the now FCC-mandated Wireless Emergency Alert system.  It’s also been reported that some iPhone 4 users are getting the update.

This wireless emergency alert system allows the government to issue safety  messages that are similar to text messages. This alert system has been in place  for a while with alerts starting back in April 2012.

These alerts can be Presidential, imminent threat alerts (these tell people about hurricanes,  earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters that present a threat to life or  property) and AMBER alerts that will send out information about abducted  children.

New presidential switch on Iphones now allow direct link to fearless leader. Amber alert and safety alert can be switched off unfortunately presidental switch to fearless leader can not..

fearless leader


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