Eye View On Broadway Baldwin Snub, Flashes His Schweddy Balls

Alec Baldwin just can’t win on Broadway.

After his ill-fated “Orphans” closed early and he was then snubbed by the Tonys, the former “30 Rock” star seemingly was barred from a VIP bathroom at Nathan Lane’s Tony-winning show, “The Nance,” last week — even though his pregnant wife made the grade. But when Baldwin tried to use the same facility, he was barred and had to use a toilet downstairs — with the rest of the riffraff.

“Alec was stopped by security and told he couldn’t use that bathroom, which was for employees,” a spy said, adding that a disgruntled Baldwin then was overheard joking to Hilaria and friends in the lobby, ‘They won’t let me use that bathroom. I guess I’m not famous enough!”

Broadway snub makes Baldwin flash his schweddy balls.


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