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Alec Baldwin Insults Gays Anderson Cooper Acknowledges Hollywoods Life Time Immunity

June 29, 2013

Alec Baldwin had another major meltdown on Twitter Thursday which included a  homophobic attack on a British reporter.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper struck back Friday posting  on Twitter, “Why does #AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a  conservative talked of beating up a ‘queen’ they would be vilified”. Well Anderson, it’s simple: liberals are allowed to say and do whatever they  want no matter how offensive and hypocrites in the media will always give them a  pass.It’s like how feminist groups such as the National Organization for Women  weren’t at all bothered by how President Clinton treated women.Since they agreed with his politics, his sexual misdeeds were  unimportant.Frankly, I’m surprised Cooper didn’t realize this up until now, and that it  took a slur hitting him where he lives to wake him up to the hypocrisy.

Anderson Cooper swerves into Hollywoods lifetime immunity shot..





Ask The Eye Disney Haters Will Hate

June 29, 2013

Dear Eye View

My ex-husband is a Disney hater. He’s always held very strong opinions about the evil this company has done to the world, their financing of war conflicts, their stereotyping, and their indoctrination of young minds. We have a daughter and when we were married, I accepted that we would raise her Disney-free, even though I have fond memories of watching Disney movies as a child. So our 9-year-old daughter watches Disney productions when she’s with me, but I don’t know if she’s told my ex. I’m now remarried and my husband has family in California near Disneyland. He loved going there as a kid and would like to offer the same experience to his stepdaughter. My daughter wants to go but is fearful of displeasing her father. (My ex is also very jealous and has forbidden our daughter to refer to my husband as her stepfather, but that’s another story.) My husband argues that my ex does not have any say in the way we spend our money or where we want to take the girl for vacation, as long as she’s not endangered, and Disneyland hardly counts as “endangerment of a child.” We’re traveling to California in August so we have to make a decision. My ex will say that we had an agreement on how to raise our daughter and I’m violating it. Help!

—We’re Going to Disneyland?


I understand your concern. There’s an argument to be made for limiting any corporation’s hold on your child particularly one responsible for the Oz the Great and Powerful. As for how Disney spends its money, someone has to tell your ex-husband that Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t mean the company is actually in the military business. But I’m worried about your daughter’s fear of her father’s displeasure. After this vacation, you don’t want your daughter to feel she  has to lie to him about what she believes.

Tell your ex-husband he has a point regarding  the evils of  hyper marketing to young impressionable minds.  Parents have to be careful regarding what their kids watch. Tell your ex-husband to keep an open mind. Tell him you will be staying at the corner of Sesame Street and Main Street USA. Hope this helps.





Nancy Pelosi Compares Incoming Obamacare Mandate To US Independence Day

June 29, 2013

According to Nancy Pelosi, Democrats won’t only celebrate American independence on July 4, but will also be celebrating “health independence” thanks to Obamacare. The House minority leader tied the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the healthcare law to the July 4 holiday. “It captures the spirit of our Founders, the spirit they wrote in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” Pelosi said at a weekly press conference this morning, explaining the law allows Americans to have “a healthier life, and the liberty to pursue a person’s happiness.”

Nancy Pelosi tells crowd to welcome incoming health care on Independence Day. Too much of a close encounter.



Paula Deen Museum Showcasing Childhood Home

June 27, 2013

Celebrity chef Paul Deen’s admission last week that she had used racial epithets “a very long time ago” has turned into a nightmare public relations disaster for the 66-year-old. Following a bungled public apology, Deen received word that the Food Network would not be renewing her contract – a network where her Southern cooking had been a fixture for more than a decade. Now other companies — Smithfield Foods, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart among them — also announced that they weredropping Deen. Such an outpouring of support is one reason why officials for the new Paula Deen museum are still ploughing ahead with plans to open by the end of the year. The site, meant to showcase the chef’s life, love of community, and, of course, cooking, will encompass part of the childhood home where Deen grew up in Albany, Ga.

Paula Deen Museum will house works of art showcasing childhood home..



US Supremes Add To The Confusion For XX, XY, And 1040X

June 27, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Backed by rainbow flags and confetti, thousands celebrated in California’s streets after U.S. Supreme Court rulings brought major advances for gay marriage proponents in the state and across the country. The court wiped away part of a federal anti-gay marriage law, the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, putting legally married gay couples on equal federal footing with all other married Americans, allowing them to receive the same tax, health and pension benefits.The court sidestepped the larger question of whether banning gay marriage is unconstitutional, and states other than California and the 12 others where gay couples already have the right to wed were left to hash out the issue within their borders.

Supreme court ruling will overload tax accountants filing amended 1040x forms.


Paula Deen Gets Canned Due To Old School Dump And Stir

June 27, 2013

Paula Deen’s future with the Food Network was in doubt even before a controversy over her use of racial slurs erupted, say people familiar with the situation, a reflection of changing tastes in food television. Paula Deen’s future with the Food Network was in doubt even before a controversy over her use of racial slurs erupted. For several weeks before the controversy blew up last week, Ms. Deen’s agent had been negotiating with the Food Network to extend her contract, which ends June 30, the people said. One issue complicating the negotiations: her ratings had slid substantially over the past season.The Food Network, majority owned by Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. didn’t cite a reason for its decision to drop her. But people close to the show and the food-television industry say the decision comes as the kind of “dump and stir” instructional food shows in which Ms. Deen and others, like  Martha Stewart, specialized have fallen out of fashion. “She represented in many ways a bygone era.”Meanwhile, the Food Network has been increasingly shifting away from traditional cooking instruction toward food-themed reality shows and cooking competitions.

Paula Deen’s numbers down, gets canned due to old school dump and stir.

julieand julia



Mexican Amusement Park For Thrill Seekers Idiota Mundo

June 26, 2013

An unusual amusement park Parque EcoAlberto  in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo offers visitors the thrills and chills of an illegal border crossing. The attraction takes visitors through a fake United States-Mexico border, complete with fake smugglers and fake border patrol agents. But for those who want to simulate the experience of fleeing across the border, without the real danger, the latter attraction is for you. For three hours, tourist groups endure sirens, dogs, chases and the fake border patrol yelling threats.The actual U.S.-Mexico border is nearly 800 miles away from the Parque EcoAlberto. The park is part of the indigenous HñaHñu community. Tourist can enjoy other recreational attractions like hot springs and rappelling, in addition to the recently added fake border crossing.

Mexican version of Wally World offers tourist the thrills and chills of illegal border crossing.



White House To Use Celebrities To Roll Out Obamacare, Royal Pains

June 26, 2013

The White House is working to recruit Hollywood celebrities to help promote  ObamaCare, a top celebrity political adviser told The Hill.
Trevor  Neilson, a veteran of the Clinton White House, said he’s in talks with the Obama  administration and that his clients are “looking at ways to be involved. Neilson represents Eva Longoria, John Legend and many other stars as president  of Global Philanthropy Group. His past clients have reportedly included Shakira  and Madonna, and he has close ties to Bono and Bill Gates. “I think the White House is very wise to identify partners to help market the  Affordable Care Act,” Neilson said Tuesday.

Celebrities doctors will stay make house calls. Characters welcome.


Lewinski- Presidential Commemorative Collection Up For Sale, No Mention of Science Poster

June 25, 2013

Have you always wanted to own a piece of recent, sordid history? Well, you’re in luck.
A lot of items that belonged to Monica Lewinsky are up for auction, including a black negligee, several shirts and various letters from her time at the White House when she famously had an affair with President Clinton. The items come courtesy of Andy J. Bleiler, a high school teacher with whom Lewinsky also had an affair. The 32-item collection was submitted by Lewinsky’s former lover Andy Bleiler to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr during his investigation of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in the 1990s, the auction house said in a statement. In addition to the clothing, there is a typed letter on White House stationery that is a birthday message from the president to Bleiler — nothing like having your one boyfriend write a birthday card to your other boyfriend.  There are also signed photos of the Clintons that Lewinsky sent to the Bleiler and his wife, plus various White House souvenirs — a matchbook, chocolates and M&Ms with the presidential seal on them.

No mention if Bleilers personalized high school science  poster from Clinton was included in the collection.



Eye View Music Michael Jackson Dies While Outperforming REM, Beats World Record

June 25, 2013

Michael Jackson died while preparing to set a world record for the most successful concert run, but he unknowingly set another record that led to his death. Jackson may be the only human ever to go two months without REM — rapid eye movement — sleep, which is vital to keep the brain and body alive. The 60 nights of propofol infusions Dr. Conrad Murray said he gave Jackson to treat his insomnia is something a sleep expert says no one had ever undergone. Propofol disrupts the normal sleep cycle and offers no REM sleep, yet it leaves a patient feeling refreshed as if they had experienced genuine sleep, according to Czeisler. If the singer had not died on June 25, 2009, of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic, the lack of REM sleep may have taken his life within days anyway, according Czeisler’s testimony Friday.

Michael Jackson is Out of Time beating R.E.M.