Michael Vick Cheats In Foot Race States I Choose Not To Run

What began as good-natured ribbing between teammates seems to have taken a  turn for the sour over accusations of cheating. Last week, after weeks of teasing from his Philadelphia Eagles teammate,  running back LeSean McCoy, quarterback Michael Vick accepted a challenge to  race. Vick, 32, had reportedly had enough of McCoy, 24, teasing him and calling him  “old man,” and got permission from coach Chip Kelly to race during practice last  week. The “old man” crushed the competition, beating his younger teammate by about  five yards in the 40-yard race. But now, McCoy is accusing Vick of cheating, saying the quarterback  left before the gun, and he says he has proof.

When asked if he would consider a rematch  Vick said “I choose not to run”..




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