Ask The Eye Select 1 For Mothers Day

Dear Eye View

Each Mother’s Day I am expected to prepare and serve a special breakfast, plan and pay for an activity centered around what “mom” enjoys, and provide cards and gifts for my wife. We have a young child and have had gone through the same thing each of the four years. My problem? We are a lesbian couple. I’m a mom, too. She is the birth mother, but how do I explain to my wife that I want the special day, too? It’s not like I am celebrated on Father’s Day. One year it was so bad that when the restaurant offered each of us a free dessert with dinner, she claimed mine and asked for it in a to-go box. Mad

Dear Mad

I understand your concern. You would like to alternate being Mom on Mothers Day with your spouse. Now that the federal government has designated the status parent one and parent two on federal forms maybe you should suggest rotating  code number designation. Hope this helps.

Eye View

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