Ask The Eye, Tell Your Husbands Mistress Time To Piss Off

Dear Eye View, In less than a week, my husband’s mistress will lose her home. She and her three children will be homeless, as she lost her job several months ago and has no living relatives. My husband ended their affair four months ago, when I found out. But he had promised to help make some sizable mortgage payments to buy her some more time. Now that the affair has ended, we talked about whether or not he should still “honor” those payments. We agreed that, for the sake of our marriage, he should not. I know he feels guilt over the false promise he made, but he seems to feel a lot of shame about his recent behavior in general, which is one of the reasons we are making a go of it. Because there are children involved, we considered doing something. If we cut back on certain luxuries, we could afford to at least buy her a few more months. Do we have an obligation to help this woman? Am I awful for not wanting to help her, knowing she has young kids?

—Heartbroken and Morally Confused

Dear HMC

I understand your concern. So you’re thinking of going without, to provide a financial gift to this woman who helped almost wreck your marriage. Maybe she’s a fast enough worker that if you tide her over for a few months she can find another married mark who might pick up her bills. Regardless, if you had not found out about the affair there would  been a drain on your finances without your consent anyway. Tell here to contact the state and  time to piss off..

Hope this helps




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