Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Was Like Most People Liked Cats

Another student, Raja Nageswaran, 25, said Tsarnaev attended a gathering last fall at his home. No one who lived at the home had invited Tsarnaev and three friends who came to the gathering, he said.
“He was pretty social,” Nageswaran said. “He was pretty liked by most of the people.”
Nageswaran’s roommate, Emily DeInnocentis, 23, said Tsarnaev stood out to her because of some odd behavior, like spreading messy string cheese all over her couch, and picking up her cat and carrying it upstairs for no reason.
“We just didn’t invite him over after that. How many people just pick up your cat and go upstairs?” she said.
Tsarnaev spotted going upstairs with cat.


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