Carnival Cruise Cheaper Than Stay At Motel 6? Trying To Keep The Lights On For You

Is taking a Carnival cruise, post Triumph, really cheaper than staying at a Motel 6? A news story that appeared Wednesday on Bloomberg compared the cost of these two experiences. Was the cruise line’s recent troubles, including the stranding of 3,143 passengers at sea on the Carnival Triumph for days after it lost power in the Gulf of Mexico, responsible for the rock-bottom pricing?The comparison used in the story — a four-night trip on Carnival’s Imagination, leaving Miami on April 22, to the lowest nightly rate at the Motel 6 chain of $39.99 — concluded that the nightly Carnival rate of $38 was cheaper than Motel 6.

Laura Christian, Travelocity’s manager of Cruise Marketing Strategy said they are having a hard time trying to keep the lights  on for you.

motel 6

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