Ask The Eye, How Can I Miss You If You Never Go Away?

Dear Eye View
I plan to be married soon. My fiancé and I don’t want a big to-do but would like to mark the occasion with a small ceremony and invite immediate family and a few close friends. This is a second marriage for both of us. My ex-husband and I remained civil to one another for the sake of our children. Once the hurt of our failed marriage had healed, we developed a friendship based on mutual interests and shared history. My fiancé and my ex get along well, and we occasionally socialize with him and his significant other. My ex is a judge and as such is able to perform weddings. My fiancé and I talked it over and would like to ask him to marry us. We haven’t asked him yet and aren’t sure he will agree, but we want to extend the invitation. Problem is when I mentioned our plan to my sisters, they had a fit. They said it would be tacky and would make other family members uncomfortable to have my ex marry us. I know it’s an unusual situation, but it is also something we’d really like to do. Are our plans just too “out there”?   Not So Swift

Dear NSS

 I’m all for formers getting along, especially when there are children involved. I’m also for intimate, low-key wedding ceremonies, especially when they are the second time around.  I agree with their point that it would be awkward   if your loved ones are thinking that when your officiant gets to, “By the powers vested in me,” he might add, “it is with great relief that I say thank goodness she’s yours and not mine.” As any country singers know, How can I miss you if you never go away? Hope this helps.





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