Ask The Eye Night Terrors Come With The Package

Dear Eye View

My husband has a pretty good life. He was raised by nice parents, enjoys good physical health, has a job he likes, we have a happy marriage, he has friends and, as far as I know, has never been the victim of any kind of serious crime or trauma. Nevertheless, he wakes up, at a minimum of one night a week, screaming, thrashing, and terrified. It’s as if he has PTSD. With our first child expected in a few months, these night terrors have become an almost every-night occurrence, and it’s fraying my nerves and causing me to lose sleep. I’m worried about him, although during the day he’s one of the happiest people I’ve ever met. It would seem odd to tell a therapist, “I’m happy and have no real problems, but I have night terrors.”


Dear Concerned

I understand your concern. But nothing to worry about.  You husband is in the early stages of developing parental coping skills. These night terrors are a good thing. Usually men are more advanced than women. Womens parental coping skills are a little slower to develop. No concerns. He is probably a little ahead of schedule. Hope this helps.




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