2014 Super Bowl To Be In Cold Weather Stadium NFL Commish Needs Chazz Michael Michaels

The 2014 Super Bowl will be the first to be played outdoors in cold weather conditions and the centerpiece performance may be a casualty of freezing temperatures, it was revealed today.

The New York Post reported that there are no plans for a musical show at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey as NFL officials can’t work out how to put on the huge spectacle in wintry conditions. The challenges of a cold-weather Superbowl  are not just musical – there is a long list of potential  problems for the  organizers. The 2014 Super Bowl is the first to be staged  in two states as New Jersey and New York are collaborating to host the massive  event. As a result, mass transit in the event of  heavy snowfall is a major concern.

‘The NFL is freaking out about these issues  because they’ve never done a cold-weather Super Bowl,’ one source told the  Post.

NFL Commissioner considering making call to Chazz Michael Michaels to kick some ice.

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