Lottery Winner Urooj Khan’s Body Exhumed For Murder Investigation, Winning The Lottery, No Day At The Beach

The body of an Illinois lottery winner was exhumed Friday by the Cook County medical examiner’s office after toxicology results showed he died of cyanide poisoning. Murder by cyanide poisoning is extremely rare, experts say. Urooj Khan died in July, the day after the lottery issued him a check for about $425,000 after taxes. He won the money playing a scratch-off game a month earlier. On the day he died, Khan’s wife said she made dinner at home and then he went to bed. A little less than an hour later, his screams of agony woke her up. His family rushed him to a hospital, but it was too late.

Scratch- off winner Urooj Khan gets the final scratch-off during dinner. Winning this lottery was no day at the beach..


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