Orlando HOA Hires PooPrints DNA Trackers To Chase Dog Poop…. Occam’s Razor Fail

Residents of an Orlando condo complex fed up with owners not cleaning up after their pets are using a high-tech way to catch the culprits, taking DNA from the dogs.The Vue at Lake Eola in downtown has received numerous complaints about tenants leaving their dog’s droppings at a pet park on the seventh floor of the condominium.The building is hiring a company called PooPrints to collect DNA samples from the dogs. Technicians will swab the dogs’ mouths and then match that DNA to the feces. It will cost pet owners about $50 per dog to register them with PooPrints. If a tenant is caught not picking up after their dog they could be fined $100. Repeat offenders could be evicted from the building.

The Vue hires DNA trackers to chase dog poop possibly driving up HOA fees and creating unintended consequences rather than putting in cameras or hiring a teenager to clean up. Occam’s Razor fail.


occams razor

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