Ask The Eye Do You Like Pina Coladas And Have Half A Brain

Dear Eye View
A few months ago I joined an online group of like-minded people where we often discuss personal relationship problems. I have found that griping about my husband to anonymous people online is a lot better than venting my frustrations at him. Lately my husband has also been really good at changing some of the behaviors that have always driven me up the wall, and now I know why. While using his laptop, I happened to notice him logged in as one of the members of my group! He created a fake persona and has seen every gripe I ever typed about him! I haven’t confronted him on this, and to be honest it has been a convenient way to indirectly communicate my frustrations to him. So should I tell him I know who he is, quit the group, or just let this be?



Dear Confused

I understand your concern every now and then we all want to escape. You seem to think he is changing his behavior due to some of  your indirect  “constructive criticism” on your part. Maybe he has met someone in the group and is occupying  you along with a simple level 1  deception when he is actually doing a level 2 deception keeping you “occupied”  while striking up a new online relationship with another women. Or maybe he is occupying you with this bogus persona, meeting a new women in your group, while  criticising your like- minded group from a separate not so like- mind group creating a level 3 deception the royal flush of online relationships. Maybe you should talk to him about problems. Or keep it simple go to Craigslist. By the way, do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?





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