Jurassic Rockers Still Have It As 69- Year Old Jagger Belts Out Get Off My Cloud

You can’t always get what you want — but the Rolling Stones showed last night that they still had what they needed to thrill a screaming crowd.

The wrinkly rockers found a fountain of youth springing from the stage at the Barclays Center, where they played a sold-out mega concert that hit the crowd of 18,000 like a crossfire-hurricane. Although most of his peers are worried about hip-breaking — the timeless, 69-year-old Mick Jagger opened the show with a red-hot rendition of “Get Off My Cloud” that was positively hip-shaking.

Sadly, like grandpa at Christmas dinner, the Stones couldn’t quite keep up the pace through the latter courses.New songs “One More Shot” and the riotously fun “Doom And Gloom” were used as bathroom breaks by many in the crowd. By the time the leathery Richards took center stage to perform lead vocals on “Happy” and “Before They Make Me Run,” the show seemed to be going flaccid in more ways than one.

Jurrasic rockers still obsessed with getting off my cloud.


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