Small Town In France To Escape The Mayan End Of World Mayan Rock Calendar Predicts Return Of The Ancient Stones

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the  French Pyrenees, market day in the tiny farming community of Bugarach has never  been busier.

But shoppers aren’t there to sample the fresh  meat, wine and dairy for which the town is locally famed, they are there to pick  up their own piece of end-of-the-world  memorabilia.

It is because Bugarach – population  176 – has been earmarked by doomsday cults as the only place in the world which  is going to survive Armageddon, scheduled for December 21 this year by an  ancient Mayan prophecy. Now, Armageddon tourists and UFO  spotters hoping for salvation are  swarming to the two-street hamlet to  collect a slice of Last Day history.On the evening in question, tourists can pop to  the local Italian  restaurant for an ‘Apocalypse pizza’, washed down with a  local vintner’s ‘End Of The World’ vintage.

Armageddon tourists enjoying Apocalypse Pizza washed down with End of World Vintage. Mayan Rock Calendar describes end of world with earth on a crash course with  the return of the ancient stones. 


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