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ICU Strips Armstrong Of 7 Tour de France Titles, More Bad News For The Postal Service While ICU Looks Like Dopes

October 23, 2012

Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life by cycling’s governing body Monday following a report from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that accused him of leading a massive doping program on his teams. International Cycling Union President Pat McQuaid announced that the federation accepted USADA’s report on Armstrong and would not appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling and he deserves to be forgotten in cycling,” McQuaid said at a news conference.

McQuaid says Armstrong does not belong in cycling,  yet can not award any of the 7 previous titles because 20 of the 21 top three finishers have been linked to doping as well. More bad news for the postal service while the ICU looks like a bunch of dopes.

Obama Throws Planned Parenthood Under the Bus During Debate, As Pro-lifers Request Imaginary Mammograms

October 21, 2012

Nearly 2,000 pro-lifers called local Planned Parenthood clinics Oct. 18 to  schedule mammograms, after President Obama implied the organization offers the  service.

“When Gov. Romney says that we should eliminate funding for Planned  Parenthood, there are millions of women all across the country who rely on  Planned Parenthood for not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms,” said Obama Oct. 16 during the second presidential debate.

Planned Parenthood does not actually provide women with mammograms, but  refers patients out to other facilities for the exam.

“Call it for what it is … if you’re not doing mammograms, don’t say that you  do them,” Kate Bryan, communications director for Live Action, told EWTN News  Oct. 19.

In response to the implication that the organization provides mammograms, the  pro-life groups And Then There Were None and Live Action organized “Call Planned  Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day.”

Pro-lifers have fun with imaginary mammograms.




George McGovern Learns Too Late How To Create Jobs After Running Stratford Inn In the Ground

October 21, 2012

After leaving the Senate in 1981, McGovern hit the lecture circuit and in 1988 decided to invest his speaking fees in the Stratford Inn in Connecticut. He loved the idea of running a hotel. It went bankrupt a few years later, thanks in large part to the withering recession of 1990-91. But the experience gave McGovern new wisdom on how little politicians understand the arduous task of job creation.”In 1988, I invested most of the earnings from this lecture circuit acquiring the leasehold on Connecticut’s Stratford Inn. … In retrospect, I wish I had known more about the hazards and difficulties of such a business, especially during a recession of the kind that hit New England just as I was acquiring the inn’s 43-year leasehold. 

Learns too late how to create jobs..

UN Election Monitors To Be In US To Observe November Election, Art Imitating Life

October 21, 2012

United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects, will deploy 44 observers around the county on Election Day to monitor an array of activities, including potential disputes at polling places.

Art Imitating Life.

Idiot Madonna Pretends To Shoot Denver Audience, Touched For The 13B Time

October 20, 2012

Madonna started her show Thursday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver with a gun scene, which she has used in previous performances. She was also accused of being more than three hours late to the show.

People took to social media to complain about how they were offended she used guns and violence as part of her show in light of recent events in the state that included a mass shooting at a theater during a Batman movie on July 20 that left 12 people dead.

Madonna like a virgin, touched for the 13,000,000,000 time.

Eagle Rock Residents Turn Out To Vote, Enticed By Free Pot, Voting Early Voting Often… Voting?????

October 20, 2012

Fliers offering $40 worth of free medical-grade marijuana were reportedly passed out in Eagle Rock to try and draw residents to vote in the local election.

Was the free pot an incentive to get a larger turnout? Politics ranked “high” on resident’s list of priorities. Nearly 10 times as many voters – 792 residents – turned out to the polls during the recent Neighborhood Council elections than last year.

L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar believes the record voter turnout had nothing to do with the pot giveaway and was instead motivated by residents trying to take control of their community

Some reported seeing  fliers offering free transportation to their voting booth.

MSNBC Morning Joe Female Co-Host Loves How MSNBC Deals With Womens Issues

October 20, 2012

This morning, as MSNBC’s Morning Joe came to an end, co-host Mika Brzezinski had some praise for colleagues and the company she works for. “We’ve been talking a lot this week about women and equal pay and all these issues,” she said. “I have to say, in all seriousness, I’m very lucky to be working with you [co-host Joe Scarborough] and for a company [MSNBC] who has actually dealt with this problem transparently.”

Which basically amounts to Brzezinski saying that she is “lucky” to get paid half as much as Joe Scarborough.

Scarborough makes a cool $4 million per year, while Brzezinski’s salary is half as much, coming in at $2 million per year.

For Brzezinski’s part, it’s more than a bit odd that she would play down the problems at MSNBC now. After all, her public dispute with MSNBC about pay equity has been well known. In fact, she’s made it herself on her own show. MSNBC Brzezinski taking one for the team.

Eminem Turns 40, Old Rappers Don’t Die They Become Wedding Singers

October 19, 2012

Eminem turns 40 Wednesday, and it’s tough to think of the often-controversial rapper as middle-aged. After all, he once sang about slitting his wife’s throat. It’s not likely he’ll sail into a comfortable old age wearing cardigan sweaters and puffing on a pipe, all Bing Crosby style. At 40, he’s still the Real Slim Shady.

Old rappers don’t die they become wedding singers.


Michelle Obama States The President Has Never Blamed Bush

October 18, 2012

First lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday that President Obama did not look to blame others for the challenges he faced as president, an apparent rebuke to Republican accusations that the White House continues to point the finger at President George W. Bush for the lagging economy.

“See, but your president, he didn’t point fingers,” Mrs. Obama said, at a campaign fundraiser in New York. “He didn’t place blame. Instead, he got to work, because he was thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother.


Michelle O stated the President has never pointed fingers at President Bush.


Walmart Moms Lean Toward Obama 99 Cent Store Moms Yet To Give Their 2 Cents Worth, Both Waiting To See Who Goes On Sale

October 17, 2012

Undecided “Walmart moms” in Milwaukee, Wis., gave the presidential debate win to President Obama by a narrow margin – but they’re not sold yet.

In a bipartisan focus group conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis and sponsored by Walmart, a group of undecided female voters were asked to vote for who they thought won the second presidential debate.

Overall, though, most of these women said they remain undecided. They said they feel as though it’s time to do some more research on the candidates, and ultimately, it’s time to make their decision.

With 3 weeks to go to the vote, Walmart Moms need more time to research, 99 Cent Store Moms yet to give their 2- cents worth. Both camps waiting to see who goes on sale.