Walmart Moms Lean Toward Obama 99 Cent Store Moms Yet To Give Their 2 Cents Worth, Both Waiting To See Who Goes On Sale

Undecided “Walmart moms” in Milwaukee, Wis., gave the presidential debate win to President Obama by a narrow margin – but they’re not sold yet.

In a bipartisan focus group conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis and sponsored by Walmart, a group of undecided female voters were asked to vote for who they thought won the second presidential debate.

Overall, though, most of these women said they remain undecided. They said they feel as though it’s time to do some more research on the candidates, and ultimately, it’s time to make their decision.

With 3 weeks to go to the vote, Walmart Moms need more time to research, 99 Cent Store Moms yet to give their 2- cents worth. Both camps waiting to see who goes on sale.

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