Police To Take Core Sample of Detroit Driveway Looking For Jimmy Hoffa

Police doubt former Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa is buried under a suburban Detroit driveway, but someone else may be, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said Thursday.

The search for Hoffa, who disappeared in July 1975 in what authorities believe may have been an organized crime hit, has generated thousands of leads, but no remains.  “We are treating this as a John Doe,” Berlin said. “We are not making any claims whatsoever that this is Jimmy Hoffa. We do not believe that it is Jimmy Hoffa.”

 Police will take a core sample of soil from under the driveway Friday and turn it over to a forensic scientist from Michigan State University, Berlin said. Results might be available next week, he said.

Forensic Specialist agree that Hoffa can be found in the yellow pages, under cement..


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