Mens Health Muscle Rating Is In!, Muscles That Women Love, Platinum Hard Gluts

Mens Health Magazine… Muscles rated edition Women love a tight stomach — and a new Western Illinois University study confirms it. Here’s the complete breakdown, from the ladies’ least favorite to most popular. Sure, women love a guy with a chiseled six-pack.  And while each woman has a different favorite muscle, these are at the top of  every female’s “what I notice” list.

8. Large Biceps In a poll of Cosmopolitan readers, 1 out of 5 women  confessed that nice biceps on a man makes them “absolutely melt.”

7. A Big Chest “Women treasure your chest as much as you do  theirs,” says Emily Dubberley, a sex expert based in the UK.

6. Rock-Hard Calves “Women want an overall sense of strength and  fitness,” says Etcoff. “If a man looks as if he can lift something but can’t  run, it looks disproportionate.”

5. Sculpted Shoulders “The shoulder muscles are really the muscles  of love and war,” says Nancy Etcoff, author of Survival of the Prettiest.

4. A Broad Back A wide back is essential for a V-shaped torso, and  women’s attraction to it is ancestral. “When it was important that our mates  protect us from woolly mammoths on the plains, we looked for a gene pool that  could provide us with protection,” says Pega Ren, a sexologist in British  Columbia.

3. A Nice Butt Women check out your butt because it’s a clue to  your worthiness as a physical specimen. If you’re in great shape, it carries  high. Otherwise, your rear end droops like a sack of old potatoes.

2. Powerful Forearms Women see strong forearms and think you can do  everything: Fend off a mugger, build a house, and maintain a dexterous touch  long enough to leave them extremely satisfied. So roll up those sleeves, and let  ’em have a look.

1. 6-Pack Abs You could have biceps the size of bowling balls, but  if you’ve got the beginnings of a gut, any discriminating woman will think twice  before considering you boyfriend material. Their fear: A little excess midriff  meat now means one fat, sloppy man in 10 years.

1-A Massive Gluts Women really love those bulging back pockets. Those platinum hard gluts.

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