Ask The Eye Consider Being An Architect

Dear Eye View

We are friends with a couple who both have successful careers but they drive me a little crazy. “David” was accepted to medical school but dropped out to get an MBA, not an M.D. “Laura” went to law school, but didn’t take the bar. David tells everyone he’s a doctor but doesn’t practice, and Laura says she’s a lawyer. Every so often Laura will say to people, “Why don’t you ask David about your son’s illness, he’s a doctor.” Are they misrepresenting themselves? Am I wrong to be so annoyed by this? Not a Doctor

Dear NAD

I understand your concern.According to the American Bar Association, law school graduates who have not passed the bar should not call themselves lawyers. But David might need an attorney if he continues to hold himself out as a doctor and dispenses medical advice. Tell your friend to go to architecture school. It really doesn’t take that long.. Hope this helps.


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