Ask The Eye, Forget The Walk of Shame, Do The Stride of Pride

Dear Eye View

I work for a small nonprofit in an office of around 30 employees, mostly women. Our director has some quirks about—ahem—bodily elimination, and she insists on taking them out on her staff. Our building has three bathrooms: a nice, two-stall bathroom on the main level for women, a private main-level bathroom for men and an old one-stall bathroom in the basement. Our director has sent repeated emails instructing staff that doing number two is prohibited in the main bathroom, and that we must use the basement toilet for such business. I feel it’s preposterous to dictate which perfectly human functions an employee may do in the privacy of a bathroom stall. Making a trip to the basement has become something of a Walk of Shame, and I feel it’s inappropriate for an employer to legislate bathroom activity. It hardly seems worth it to raise my concern, but I have to wonder if her request is even legal.


Dear Angry

I understand your concern. What she is requesting is not legal. After legislating body function she may want to legislate food intake. Stop doing the walk of shame, get a can of air freshener and do the stride of pride.. Hope this helps.


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