Pershing County Nevada Wants To Increase Taxes And Regulations On Burning Man Festival, Unintended Consequences Alert

Just a week before the counterculture community’s most important week is slated to begin, Burning Man filed suit against the remote Nevada desert county in which it takes place.

Officials in Pershing County, Nev., imposed a new ordinance that would implement a number of restrictions against the event, including increased permitting fees and bans on children and nudity. According to Burning Man organizers, the new rules threaten the future of the festival.

“For more than 20 years, the Burning Man community has proudly made northern Nevada its home, providing millions of dollars annually to the local economy,” Burning Man founder Larry Harvey said in a statement. “We love Nevada. Unfortunately, Pershing County is making it difficult to continue doing business here. We intend to resolve this matter through reasonable means and work collaboratively with Nevadans to keep our business in the state.”

In its suit, Burning Man’s parent company, Black Rock LLC, claims that Pershing County has unfairly exercised its authority by imposing a slew of additional fees.

Unintended consequences alert.Look for slow down in construction..

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