VIP Seating Empty During Olympic Games, English Military Called In For Parade Rest

Prized Olympic tickets entrusted to foreign  delegations are being openly sold by touts on the streets of Britain, it emerged  last night. They are cashing in on the huge demand for  seats by selling tickets sent overseas by Games organisers.The revelation came as a row raged over  embarrassing scenes of banks of empty seating at many Games venues – including  last night’s swimming finals.

Last night Scotland Yard said every  illegal  seller arrested so far had held tickets despatched overseas to  national  committees and official re-sellers. One of the touts held is from Germany,  another from Slovakia. The discovery raises further questions about  the way in which precious  tickets are allocated by the International Olympic  Committee. And it will fuel anger among millions of  British sport fans who have been  left watching events on TV because they failed  to get a seat in last  year’s ballot. The Yard confirmed that about 20 people had  been arrested attempting to sell tickets since the opening ceremony on Friday.

Yesterday spectators who bought tickets for  the Olympic Park, because all venues  inside were sold out of lower-priced  tickets, had the frustration of  watching pictures on the big screen of unfilled  seats.

Military at parade rest filling  empty Olympic seating..





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