Ask The Eye. Take Your Wedding Invitation To A Higher Level..

Dear Eye View

My fiancé and I are excited to get married in about six months. We recently created our invitations and emailed drafts to our parents to get another set of eyes on them and see if there were any errors. My fiancé and both his parents are physicians. My fiancé does not use the Dr. title outside of work (and rarely inside of work, for that matter). Both his parents do use the Dr. title in their personal and professional life. On the invitations, we did not identify my fiancé as a Dr., but did identify his parents. My fiancé’s parents were fine with the phrasing of the invitations. My parents, on the other hand, thought that putting their titles on the invitation was both unnecessary and a form of bragging and asked us to remove the titles because it looks pretentious. We read your column every week and thought you might have a good (and unbiased!) opinion on this matter. To title or not?


Dear Wondering

Unfortunately, six months is not enough time for your parents to rush through medical school so they can append a Dr. to their names. But, it is enough time to get a doctor of divinity through the Universal Life Church Monastery. God may know but your inlaws won’t.. Hope this helps..





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