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Ask The Eye, NBC Nightmare

July 31, 2012

Dear Eye View

Last weekend my husband’s brother and his wife volunteered to watch our three kids so we could attend an out of town wedding. Since returning home, my 7-year-old son has had trouble sleeping and has seemed unusually fearful, not only for his sake but also for the sake of his sisters. On Friday evening, after he tried to get our entire family to sleep together, my husband and I pried the cause of his worries from him: While spending the night at his aunt and uncle’s home, his uncle put on a television showing a  demon that devours children in the night. He told my son that men in their family hunted this demon and that now he was of an age to protect his family from the demon. I was livid and wanted to call my brother-in-law and tear him a new one. My husband called his brother, and his brother told him he was just trying to entertain him. He apologized for scaring our son, and my husband forgave him. I’m still furious, though, and I’m worried about my brother-in-law’s mental state. He has never done anything like this before, and his actions were irresponsible and cruel. What if he actually believes what he said? My husband wants to drop the issue, but our son still refuses to sleep alone. Clueless

Dear Clueless

I understand your concern. We all understand your concern. Just turn off NBC for two weeks and call me in the   morning.. Hope this helps.


VIP Seating Empty During Olympic Games, English Military Called In For Parade Rest

July 30, 2012

Prized Olympic tickets entrusted to foreign  delegations are being openly sold by touts on the streets of Britain, it emerged  last night. They are cashing in on the huge demand for  seats by selling tickets sent overseas by Games organisers.The revelation came as a row raged over  embarrassing scenes of banks of empty seating at many Games venues – including  last night’s swimming finals.

Last night Scotland Yard said every  illegal  seller arrested so far had held tickets despatched overseas to  national  committees and official re-sellers. One of the touts held is from Germany,  another from Slovakia. The discovery raises further questions about  the way in which precious  tickets are allocated by the International Olympic  Committee. And it will fuel anger among millions of  British sport fans who have been  left watching events on TV because they failed  to get a seat in last  year’s ballot. The Yard confirmed that about 20 people had  been arrested attempting to sell tickets since the opening ceremony on Friday.

Yesterday spectators who bought tickets for  the Olympic Park, because all venues  inside were sold out of lower-priced  tickets, had the frustration of  watching pictures on the big screen of unfilled  seats.

Military at parade rest filling  empty Olympic seating..





GM Pushes Subprime Car Loans, After All Car Ownership Is A Right

July 30, 2012

President Obama has touted General Motors GM as a successful example of his administration’s policies. Yet GM’s recovery is built, at least in part, on the increasing use of subprime loans.

The Obama administration in 2009 bailed out GM to the tune of $50 billion as it went into a managed bankruptcy. Near the end of 2010, GM acquired a new captive lending arm, subprime specialist AmeriCredit. Renamed GM Financial, it has played a significant role in GM’s growth .

The automaker is relying increasingly on subprime loans, 10-Q financial reports shows .Potential borrowers of car loans are rated on FICO scores that range from 300 to 850. Anything under 660 is generally deemed subprime.

By spring 2010 GM’s new management, led by North American executive Mark Reuss, wanted to move back into subprime, fearing that GM couldn’t compete. Jim Cain GM spokesperson states “subprime lending in cars is not as risky as in housing. Car loans are cheaper, so customers have an easier time making payments. When they do go into default, the cars can be repossessed and sold to recover some of the loss.”

Government continues to push subprime loans. Car ownership like housing is a right..

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Orders A Double Double On Chick-fil-A For Not Reflecting “Chicago Values”

July 30, 2012

The anti-gay marriage views openly espoused by the president of a fast food chain specializing in chicken sandwiches have run afoul of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a local alderman, who are determined to block Chick-fil-A from expanding in Chicago.“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values,”  Emanuel said Wednesday.

In a effort to energize continued weak gay contributions to Obama presidential re-election effort, Emanuel does a double double on Chick-fila-A chicken joint for not reflecting “Chicago Values”..




Olympic Flame Downsize Illuminates Downturn In Economy

July 29, 2012

LONDON – Disappointed fans criticized London 2012 organizers on Sunday, accusing them of staging a “disappearing act” with the Olympic flame.

The cauldron was lit amid dramatic scenes at the Opening Ceremony on Friday but cannot be seen by anyone outside the Olympic stadium because of its positioning within the venue.

“They have done a disappearing act with it,” said Londoner Colin Millard, 58. “We can’t wait to see some events, and it doesn’t spoil your day, but of course you would like to think it is all part of the experience. You come to the Games, you get a photo with the flame.”

Others were similarly bemused at the fact that apart from TV viewers, the only people who will able to see the flame are those fortunate enough to hold tickets for the track and field competition.

“It was like, now you see it, now you don’t,” said Linda Samuel, of Essex, just outside London. “I loved the Ceremony, and the flame was a dramatic moment. But now it’s like it’s not here.”  At the end of the Games, the prongs will be dismantled and each one presented to the nation it represents.

London’s Olympic budget was cut because of the economic downturn but it’s not known whether that contributed to the decision on how to place the flame.

Down- Sized Olympic flame illuminates downturn in English economy..

NBC Slammed For Tape Delay.. Weak On Spoiler Alert Strong on Beef

July 29, 2012

NBC’s live vs. tape Olympic Games debate already has its Exhibit A.

Viewers slammed the broadcaster for choosing to delay the telecast of Michael Phelps’ dramatic men’s 400-meter individual medley race until primetime.

The Saturday midmorning race concluded with Ryan Lochte winning the gold medal and Phelps shockingly finishing fourth. The network instead chose to air a taped interview.

Fans took to social media to express their outrage with the decision.

“I can’t believe NBC isn’t putting Phelps first medal attempt live,” wrote University of Texas journalism professor Robert J. Quigley on Twitter. “Is a monkey running that network?”

“The world has changed,” one sports fan wrote on Twitter. “This tape delay thing doesn’t work anymore.”

NBC promotes real time reporting while selling tape delayed programing.. Weak on Spoiler Alert creates lots of beef..


Eye View Olympic Coverage, Time To Oursource Opening Ceremony To China

July 28, 2012

Eye View has determined best way to keep high quality with low defect rate for opening ceremony, is to outsource all future opening ceremonies to China…


Eye View Olympics NBC Coverage Takes Opening Ceremony From NBC Peacock Into Macys Day Turkey

July 28, 2012

Danny Boyle’s secretive Opening Ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics has finally been revealed.

However, while much of the world watched live as the 2012 London Olympics began, American audiences had to wait until primetime to watch the lighting of the flames. Looking to make up much of the $1.3 billion that NBC spent on the rights to the Olympics, the Opening Ceremony that American audiences watched was vastly different than what the rest of the world witnessed.

Continuously cutting to commercials throughout, the subtle, nuanced program that Danny Boyle planned out was all but eviscerated, as a need to recoup some of the money spent on the Olympic rights took its toll on a ceremony that the world was raving about just hours before.

Appropriately complaining about not being able to watch the Olympic Ceremony live with the rest of the world, many complaints quickly turned to the abundance of commentary that was provided by Today Show hosts Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer – and later NBC Sports commentator Bob Costas, taking over for Vieira.

NBC coverage with massive commercials and ongoing commentators changes NBC peacock to Macy’s Day turkey…


Romney Hammered For Concerns Regarding Security, Eye View Finds Largest McDonalds In The World More Disconcerting

July 27, 2012

LONDON—On day three of his overseas tour, Mitt Romney woke up to unfriendly headlines from the British media, who continue to trash him for telling NBC News that he found preparations for the Olympics here “disconcerting.”

“Mitt the Twit,” declared The Sun tabloid, condemning Romney as a “wannabe president.”

The Independent headlined their take on Romney’s trip, “Romneyshambles”—accusing him of not only committing a diplomatic gaffe but later “the cardinal sin of U.S. politics, flip-flopping” on his criticism.

Romney hammered for using word disconcerting and security.  Failed to mention disconcerting and  that the Largest McDonalds in the World.




Movie Fan Murderer James Holmes, Pulls The Amnesia Card, Primal Fear

July 27, 2012

The Joker is playing the amnesia card.

Accused mass murderer James  Holmes told jailhouse workers that he remains stumped about what landed him  in a Colorado lockup, a jail staffer told the Daily News.

“He claims he doesn’t know why he’s in jail,” the worker said Thursday. “He  asked, ‘Why am I here?’”

Holmes, 24, who is charged with shooting a dozen people to death and wounding  58 more at a screening of the new Batman movie, was also complaining of a  stomach ache caused by lousy jail food after his sixth day at the Arapahoe  County Detention Center, the worker said.

James Holmes draws the amnesia card channels his inner Edward Norton..