George Clooney Is The New Robin

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney will host a $6 million fundraising dinner for Barack Obama at his Los Angeles home as the president fills his campaign coffers to battle Mitt Romney.

The event, on May 10, will feature in the “Dinner with Barack” campaign which the president’s political braintrust dreamed up to drum up small donations and fire up grassroots supporters.

Obama fans are invited to enter the contest and donate as little as $3 dollars on a webpage titled “Obama, Clooney and You” featuring pictures of the Oscar winning star and the president.

Lucky winners earn a spot at the dinner.”George Clooney is doing his part to help re-elect the president, but he knows that it’s grassroots supporters like you who will decide this election,” the website reads.

“That’s why he’d like you to invite you to donate for a chance to be a part of this event. Obama and Clooney last met in March when the star of “Oceans Eleven”, “The Descendants” and “Batman” visited the White House to brief the president on a clandestine visit he had made to war-torn Sudan.” Clooney the new Robin

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