Couple Married In Maryland Ikea, Came To The Wedding Stayed For The Meatballs

So many couples fight at IKEA that “30 Rock” had a whole episode about it.

But one unique couple had such a good time together at IKEA’s location in College Park, Md., that they decided to get married there.

Julie Rodgers — she’s called “Bunny” — and Willie Pittman, who goes by “Bear,” tied the knot at the Maryland IKEA on Tuesday night.

IKEA donated its store as the couple’s wedding venue — it also provided food (including meatballs) and decorations. An employee told WTTG-TV/Fox5 that it was “not that complicated” hosting the wedding: “Everything that we made available is products that we sell.”

Following the wedding the guests dined at the Ikea cafeteria.



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