Broga Good For The Moobs And Breasticles

Despite the fact that yoga was first developed in India by men, for men, here in the United States, it has long been viewed as a “chick thing.” That’s changing-fast. “When I first started teaching 10 years ago, classes were all women,” says New York City-based Sadie Nardini, yoga teacher and alternative wellness expert. “The only guys around were the ones waiting for their girlfriends to come out of class. Now, its almost 50% men.”

And if the word yoga still seems too wimpy, now there is a style, and studio, geared specifically toward men, called “Broga”. Co-founder and head teacher Robert Sidoti tells Shine, “I was seeing a lot of male friends and family in their mid-30s suffering and not knowing what do about it.”

Broga good for the moobs.

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