Ask The Eye, Get In There And Make Your Own Brakes

Dear Eye View

I’m a woman in my 30s with over 15 years experience in my field. Last year I was passed over for a promised promotion in favor of a supremely annoying, fresh-out-of-college Manic Pixie Dream Girl who doesn’t know the first thing about the job. This was devastating to me and my husband, since we’d been counting on the additional income in order to have a child. Instead we have had to put parenthood off indefinitely, which at my age may mean forever. Recently, I’ve put together quite a damning file of evidence (emails, credit card statements, and the like) confirming my suspicion that the MPDG and our boss are sleeping together. Her conservative father is on our board, and our boss is married to a trophy wife and has several young children. My file could really shake things up at our company. The options I’m considering are: a) approach my boss and threaten to send my file to the board and his wife, unless he raises my salary to be comparable to the MPDG’s (since I already do about 90 percent of her work); b) approach the MPDG and threaten to do the same unless she resigns, in which case I’m almost certain to get her job; or c) any other suggestion that you might have.

—Waiting To Get Even


I understand your concern. Its strange for you to declare your ability to ever become parents was destroyed because a possible raise didn’t materialize. Migrant workers raise children. But we will save that discussion for a later time.

 I do wonder what  methods you came to possess personal emails and credit card statements of your colleagues. Your file might well shake things up, and one of the first things to come loose could be you from your job since your plan of career advancement involves blackmail. All this leads me to choose option C, and suggest that given your ethics, you look into a new career in financial derivatives.  Or option D  get in there and make your own brakes. Hope this helps



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