Eye View Sports Bobby Petrino Is Not The Fonz

Just when you thought it couldn’t get even crazier in the SEC, we hear of this blonde bombshell found to be riding on the back of the motorcycle that Bobby Petrino wrecked.

Recently, both Bobby Petrino and the University of Arkansas claimed that Petrino was alone when he wrecked his motorcycle.  That, in fact, has found to be false.  So, someone lied.

The girl on the back of the cycle turned out to be 25 year-old Jessica Dorrell, a former All-SEC volleyball player for the Hogs.  Dorrell holds a job with the Razorback Foundation as an Assistant Director.

Petrino did mention there was “a lady there” who flagged down the car”.  That “lady” turned out to be on his Harley Davidson.

Petrino is, of course, married to Becky Petrino.  And I’m not so sure she took this too well.

Bobby Petrino in a  midlife crisis moment realizes he is not the Fonz..

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