Ask The Eye, All Aboard The Wedding Pain Train

Dear Eye View

I’m about to get married soon (hooray!). Unfortunately we’ve had one disaster after another with the wedding plans, and the latest was my wedding dress being stolen from my parents’ house. I’ve been looking around desperately for a dress I can get as quickly as possible with short notice. Upon hearing my dilemma, my aunt decided to surprise me with a replacement dress that was supposed to be a replica of the one that perished. My aunt sews as a hobby, but this is the first time she’s made an actual dress. I hate to say this, but it is really, really bad. I wish I could send you a photo of it. Everything is uneven and the stitching goes everywhere and the train is way too long . It’s a semi replica of my dress alright, but it looks like it was sewn together by a 7- year-old on speed. The problem is she spent a lot of money on buying that much material and obviously made it with crazy love. I feel awful rejecting the dress on the basis that it is badly made and the incredible long train. I’ve tried to think of excuse after excuse, but what can I actually say? I can’t say I don’t like the dress because she copied the original. Just before she gave it to me, she asked me if I found a replacement dress, and I said no—so I can’t even say I found something else, either. Can you please offer me some other polite excuse that won’t hurt my aunt’s feelings? What should I do with this crazy dress.


Dear Frantic

I understand your concern. There is only one way you can keep your aunt happy and use the dress. Go with a publicity stunt wedding theme. That will keep everyone aboard the pain train.. Hope this helps


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