Ask The Eye, Akward Family Photo Feud

My son is getting married in a few months to a smart, funny, and pretty young woman. They recently had their engagement photos taken by a professional photographer, and the photo shoot included taking a handful of “silly pics” along with the more traditional ones. The problem is that my son’s future mother-in-law shared a couple of the silly pics with her friends on Facebook, and in turn one of her friends, as a joke, had one of the silly pics published in the local newspaper in the engagement announcements. My son is pretty upset with his mother-in-law-to-be, but not as much as I am. He says he’s willing to just let it go for the sake of not getting off to a rocky start, but I’m not willing to just sit and watch while he gets pushed around. I want to teach her a lesson. How can I help my son understand that it’s not a good idea to just let his in-laws step all over him? Angry

Dear A

I understand your concern. As a future mother- in- law you should let it go as is your son. Remember this is not about you. On the other hand, as a sign of maturity, it might not hurt to volunteer to supply the wedding invitations… Hope this helps..



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