Ask The Eye, Speaking With Your Heart On Valentines Day

Dear Eye View

My husband of 24 years (the last 2.5 years of which he’s been involved in an affair with his crush from high school) has been living across town since early fall, but we continue to see each other every day, mostly so he can visit with our 15- and 17-year-old kids (who don’t know about the affair and expect us to patch things up). We normally do some sort of nominal thing with the kids for Valentine’s Day, and he suggested we take them to a new frozen yogurt shop. I agreed at first, but now I can’t stomach the thought of seeing him at all tomorrow. I don’t want to hurt the kids, but I’m thinking of faking being sick, so they’ll have to go with just him. Any alternative suggestions

Fed Up

Dear Fed Up

I understand your concern. Your kids are old enough to see through your unconvincing  silly illusion. The best thing is to tell them what is going on and see an attorney . But if you decide to go on with one more tired attempt,  I would suggest taking along a box of candy hearts for your husband. Be sure to speak with your heart. Hope this helps..


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