Ask The Eye, The Devil Wears Spray On Tan

Dear Eye View

My brother’s fiance is a nightmare of a bride. It doesn’t help that she has a wedding budget roughly equivalent to the GDP of a country. My brother thinks it’s the “stress” of wedding planning that has her acting out. She wants her bridesmaids to have matching skin tones, she expects us to undergo spray tans. She invites hordes of people to her dress fittings and gets offended if people don’t attend. She offered to pay for a gym membership for my mom. I feel strongly that my brother shouldn’t marry this woman—no one should! But obviously that’s not my business. How can I support a marriage, and attend a wedding, I don’t believe should take place?


Dear Angry

I understand your concern. The best defense is a good offense. Tell your brothers fiance that your family will consider joining  a gym and changing  skin tones once she gets breast implants. Hope that helps


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