Ask The Eye View, Thumb Sucking Receptionist, No Worries There’s An App For That

Dear Eye View , Is it OK for an adult to suck her thumb at work? I work for a small company and the new receptionist, an attractive, bright woman of about 20, sucks her thumb almost continuously when she’s not talking. When I come out to meet my clients, there she is sucking her thumb in front of them. Her direct supervisor sits close to her and would have to be blind not to notice. I’ve almost said, “Stop sucking your thumb!” but I haven’t. I’m a go-along-to-get-along type of guy, but this embarrasses me for her, my clients, and the business. What should I do?

Not a sucker

Dear NAS

I understand your concern. Your receptionist creates that first contact and first impression of your company. Remember you never get a second chance to make that first really good impression. I understand there are appliances to stop thumbsucking. Have her try that. Hope this helps. EV





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