Southern Californian Sarah Mason Time Person Of The Year, Here Comes The Protesters of Orange County Reality Show

Freelance photographer Ted Soqui was on the scene of a Occupy LA protest at Bank of America in Downtown LA back in November, hoping to get some interesting shots.”The light was perfect, and I saw these people standing there, and it was like, this was a great opportunity for some photography,” recalls Soqui. One of the young women in the crowd stood out: 25-year-old Highland resident Sarah Mason.

Soqui started snapping away as she linked arms with other protestors.

“She had confidence for that moment, and for the Occupy movement, and even though she was locked into this human chain of people, they were locked arms,” recalls Soqui.

An image Soqui took of Mason was transformed into the cover photo of Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue.

Southern Californian Sarah Mason, Time Person of 2011. Time unintended consequence of putting a face on a  world wide symbol. Here comes the Protesters of Orange County  reality show…

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